EZ-Dri Outdoor Cushioning foam meets California fire-prevention standards

The state’s standards are the nation’s most stringent for use of outdoor foam materials indoors

Moonachie, N.J.-based Crest Foam Industries has introduced a version of EZ-Dri reticulated polyurethane foam outdoor cushioning material that meets California Bulletin 117 standards for fire retardancy.

The state’s standards are the nation’s most stringent for use of outdoor foam materials indoors, including in screened-in areas. CAL 117 approval permits use of these foam materials indoors.

EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane reticulated foam outdoor cushioning materials are constructed with large, open pores for maximum water drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after being saturated. This foam provides long-lasting wear and comfort combined with extremely fast drying properties, thus making EZ-Dri cushions ideal for outdoor casual furniture applications in homes, hotels/resorts and other commercial facilities. New fire retardant additives in the foam open up a variety of new applications.

“The ability to develop outdoor cushioning foam that meets CAL 117 was a long and arduous process,” Crest Foam Chief Chemist Walter Makay said. “One of the design problems concerned the fact that the material required an open pore size so that water would flow through it to permit cushions to drain quickly for virtually immediate use.”

Because of its open pore construction, there is a significant opportunity for high oxygen content to feed a fire, so conventional fire retardants did not solve the problem. Makay said the key was the development of a non-halogenated fire retardant that not only “incorporated well, but also substantially retarded foam fire.”

There are many reasons foam cushions for outdoor casual furniture may be brought indoors, including severe weather, high winds or protection of the fabric in sunny conditions to prevent fading when not in use.

EZ-Dri offers casual furniture manufacturers a premium cushioning option with long-lasting, mold/mildew-proof cushions, which may be used immediately after washing or rain. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and firmnesses. To further enhance flexibility, the foam may be easily fabricated into virtually any shape.

For additional information, contact Crest Foam Industries Incorporated at 201-807-0809, via its Web site at www.crestfoam.com or e-mail info@crestfoam.com.