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Dedon launches Orbit XXL to mark first decade of Frinier's Orbit design

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - While designer Richard Frinier is celebrating more than 30 years of design in the home industries, one of his long-time partners, Dedon, is also celebrating a special anniversary. The Orbit, one of Dedon's most iconic and celebrated designs created by Frinier, has been re-released by Dedon as a 10th anniversary limited edition Orbit XXL.

DedonDedon Anniversary Limited Edition XXL Orbit by Richard Frinier. Photo courtesy of Dedon.
The special and limited edition Orbit XXL represents the evolution of a now iconic design expertly crafted proving that good design endures. The dramatically larger Orbit is now available worldwide through Dedon showrooms and their exclusive distributor and retail partners, which has been very well received around the world.

"I am very proud that the Orbit design caught the industry by surprise a decade ago," Frinier said. "It has enjoyed immense success in the worldwide marketplace, but when Dedon took the Orbit around the world with them for their epic Dedon Tour du Monde event, it was really amazing to see how people from all over the world, often in the most unexpected places, made an emotional connection with my design." To learn more about the Dedon Tour du Monde event, visit:

As a designer who is known for looking to the future for his ideas, Frinier became inspired to create his iconic and original Orbit, because he was influenced by watching an earlier and now classic Stanley Kubrick science fiction film, "2001: A Space Odyssey," particularly the famous scene where the spaceship is docking with the space station to the original score of The Blue Danube. The film originally hit movie screens in 1968, when it was deemed to be an epic classic for its length and then futuristic subject matter.

Frinier recalls, "I remember becoming obsessed with wanting to capture that futuristic spirit and infuse it into my outdoor furniture designs in a way that would change how people perceived and used outdoor furniture. To this day, when people see our Dedon Orbit for the first time, they smile and can't wait to get into one and experience the design."

For more information about Dedon's 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Orbit XXL, visit:

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