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Experts discover new health benefits from hot tub hydrotherapy

Researchers uncover links between hot tub therapy and improved mental and physical health

Bullfrog Spas, manufacturers of innovative hot tubs, reports that recent studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others are revealing enormous potential for improving health and wellness through hot tub therapy.

For centuries there has been anecdotal evidence suggesting it is healthy to soak in warm water. However, new scientific evidence seems to actually prove that warm water immersion is beneficial to health and well being.

Perhaps the most remarkable new information comes from studies by the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute. Results of NASMI studies, with subjects immersed in 102° F water, show the influence of the sympathetic nervous system is diminished and brought into harmony with the parasympathetic system. The effect is a measured sense of relaxation, peacefulness, calm, and well-being amongst those tested.

Additionally, studies show that the nervous system balance and sense of well-being last well after the individual leaves the water, indicating the benefits of hot tub therapy are more than temporary. Hot tubs may actually create an ongoing state of well being.

Dr. Bruce Becker, of NASMI, has indicated that water therapy also has a significant beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system. Dr. Becker explains, "Aquatic immersion basically improves the efficiency of the way the heart works."

Hot tub therapy has also been used to relieve symptoms of poor blood flow caused by diabetes, to lower blood pressure, and hot tubs may even make an individual a little smarter by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Ongoing studies in aquatic therapy should continue to uncover more valuable information about the important health benefits of warm water.

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