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National Swimming Pool Foundation redesigns Website

New delivers clear navigation, reduced clicks

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has redesigned for improved navigation, making it faster and easier to find information and more streamlined to purchase educational products.

"Our Website visitors can find information intuitively - by topic, by clicking on an icon, or by entering a keyword search," said Alex Antoniou, NSPF director of educational programs. "The site surrounds them with information focused on their type of organization."

The main Website navigation menu separates content into six tabs: CPO Certification, Online Training, Products, Conference, News and Resources. Clicking on any of those tabs brings the visitor to specific content links. An informational scroller on the home page provides a snapshot of featured events, new products, news and other resources. Quick links to Find a Class, Online Training and the Shopping Cart are just below the scroller for easy access.

The new home page also has one-touch icons for each organization type. When a visitor clicks on the icon for Facilities, Service, Retail, Builders, Government, Academia, Residential or Health, they will be matched up to a host of information, products, services and recommendations specific to their organizations' needs.

"People don't have time to hunt and peck," NSPF CEO Thomas M. Lachocki said. "This new navigation process helps save time, separating the wheat from the chafe."

For example, by clicking the Service icon, typical job descriptions, OSHA training requirements and other useful educational products pop up. Changes were also made behind the scenes to the e-commerce systems.

"Industry professionals, NSPF instructors and people taking online classes or seminars at our eProAcademy online training center will find direct access at and can now log in once to view their ePro courses, shopping cart and NSPF accounts," Antoniou said. "This is a big step. Yet, we'll keep taking small steps forward to improve speed, efficiency and value."

In addition, Spanish speakers will appreciate continued updates to the bilingual Spanish twin,

The NSPF is a non-profit organization, founded in 1965. In the past six years, NSPF has given back $3.7 million to fund grants to demonstrate the benefits of aquatic activity and to prevent illness, injury and drowning. The Foundation works towards its mission to encourage healthier living through aquatic education and research with its growing collection of bi-lingual educational products and training. NSPF is the largest and most widely accepted educator of people who care for pools and spas and has trained more than 282,000 pool operators in 64 countries. For more information, please visit and


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