Cal Spas to host 2011 Dealer Expo

Home Resort products manufacturer to launch all-new hot tub molds and new product line

Cal Spas will be hosting a 2011 Dealer Expo in January at its state-of-the-art headquarters in Pomona, Calif.
Cal Spas has chosen to host the 2011 Dealer Expo rather than attend the 2010 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo.
"Cal Spas has a long history of support for our industry and has staged large displays at IPSPE during the last two years," said Shiva Noble, executive vice president of Cal Spas. "But, given the innovations and major new product lines we have planned for 2011, we've determined that the only proper way we can convey our 2011 program is to dedicate an entire expo event to the launch. It is in our dealers' best interest for us to hold our own Cal Spas expo for our new 2011 product line."
The Cal Spas 2011 Dealer Expo is open to all members of the Home Resort industry including current dealers, prospective dealers, suppliers and media.
"Cal Spas is known for innovation and our products are the building blocks of growth and financial success for Cal Spas and our dealers," said Casey Loyd, president of Cal Spas. "So it is essential that our dealers become thoroughly educated on our 2011 line; there is no better time to do that than right before the new season. We are committed to the continued success of our dealer network, which is the primary reason we decided to hold this major event. It's our investment in our future and our dealers' future. The Cal Spas Expo in January 2011 presents the perfect venue and opportunity for everyone to learn about our new Cal Spas line-up and why we're the leader in
the Home Resort industry."
During this expo, Cal Spas will unveil all-new hot tub molds and innovations, plus a new, cutting-edge Home Resort product category that will further enhance the hot tub giant's Home Resort line-up and further enhance Cal Spas dealers' income and growth opportunities.
The upcoming Cal Spas 2011 Dealer Expo is perfectly timed for new dealer showroom floor settings and a robust new selling season.
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