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Increase add-on sales with sophisticated accessories

Increasing sales is an essential goal for retailers and the best way to boost your sales is to be an outdoor trendsetter. By adding accessories to furniture we compliment the style and highlight aspects of the design while being innovative. Forecasting trends can be a daunting task, but designers predict what will be desirable. Design oriented accessories can change an entire look, enrich a neutral palette and improve productivity by increasing add-on sales.

Designer accessories sold as an add-on consist of designer pillows, throws, drapes, rugs, wall art, umbrellas, lamps and tabletop accessories. Adding a splash of color with various sizes of designer pillows will enhance the furniture and add a touch of sophistication. Designer pillows visually embellish a sofa, love seat or club chair just as designer throws will adorn the furniture with warmth and elegance. It is important to train sales staff to visually promote a scene that can be recreated in the customer's own home.

Sales strategy should include sales training by the designer or representative in which the designer's inspiration is presented in a setting that invokes creativity. Teach the sales team to be a guide and resource to help your customers create a living space that resembles the indoor room. Ask the customer what style and colors are represented inside their home, this will assist the salesperson in advising the customer which pillows, throws and accessories will best adorn the furniture.

Designer accessories such as drapes convey an atmosphere of luxury while being functional in outdoor rooms that need protection from the elements. Chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, hurricanes and sconces illuminate the outdoor setting with amber light to complement the furniture and encourage nighttime usability.

Bringing the inside out has never been easier, with the creation of outdoor rugs, weather resistant art, as well as tabletop dining accoutrements. Selling these accessories requires attention to detail, knowledge of the product and building a rapport with people. Having a vested interest in your customer will promote customer loyalty. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to sell inspired design. Your customers will be so glad you did.

Your customer will enjoy immediate satisfaction from the style that you helped to create for their newly accessorized furniture. Imagine your customer settling down in their outdoor living space between plush pillows, bundling under a luscious throw, surrounded by soft billowing drapes. And visualize that under the glistening light of a chandelier all while enjoying the company of family and friends. You've just created another loyal customer!

Develop those satisfied loyal customers who will be your strongest proponents and a great referral base by simply adding design-oriented accessories. Your products will never look more beautiful as you increase sales and boost profitability.

How To Add On Sales:

  1. Act as a consultant and resource to your customer.

  2. Be educated on design-oriented accessories.

  3. Visually communicate a scene for customer's home.

  4. Ask questions about style and colors inside home.

  5. Make suggestions by presenting accessories with selected furniture.

  6. Be sincere, build rapport.

  7. Maintain a keen attention to detail.

  8. Promote the add-on order.

O.W. Lee's Classico deep seating group is complemented with coordinating throw pillows, a blanket and a variety of accessories including an umbrella, tabletop items, candles and more.

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