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Recipe of the Week - August 9, 2012

Marguerite Axe -- Casual Living, August 13, 2012


Grilled and Stuffed Whole Rainbow Trout with Bruschetta Tomatoes
serves 4 - 6 people | 30 minutes prep time | 15 minutes cooking time

Ingredients - Bruschetta:
2 large Tomatoes – cored and diced medium
¼ cup Basil – chopped
¼ cup Oregano – chopped
1 teaspoon Thyme – finely chopped
¼ cup White Onion – diced small
1 clove of Garlic – finely chopped
¼ cup Olive Oil • 1 teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Black Pepper

Ingredients – Rainbow Trout:
4 Whole Rainbow Trout @ 1 pound each
1 cup Tomato – diced small
1 cup Yellow Onion – diced small
1 clove of Garlic Smashed
1 Lemon – diced small
¾ cup Olive Oil – have bottle handy so, if need be, you can baste it on the fish while grilling
3 teaspoons Sea Salt

Recommended Grill Tools:
Bull’s Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket
Bull’s Vineyard Rosewood Handle Spatula
Clean Kitchen Towel and 1 cup Vegetable Oil – I recommend using this to wipe down a hot grill

Instructions – Bruschetta:
- Take all of the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl.
- Once all the ingredients are well incorporated, cover bowl with plastic wrap, and set it in the fridge until time to serve.

Instructions – Whole Rainbow Trout:
- Start up the grill & turn two burners to high heat.
-Mix together the tomatoes, onions, garlic clove (smashed), and lemon in a glass, plastic, or stainless steel bowl and set aside. This is the stuffing for the trout.
-Open the Bull Stainless Rectangle Grilling Basket. Lay all four Rainbow Trout out on the basket. Ideally, the trout can be laid out without touching one another, but it is okay if you can’t make that happen.
- Using your sharpest knife, score three X’s across the meatiest part of the trout. Turn the fish over and score the other side. You are just scoring the fish. Do not cut too deeply, but do make sure the cut goes a little into the meat.
- Using more salt than you would usually, season the fish both inside and out. Then rub a generous amount of olive oil into the skin.
- Now you’re ready to stuff the trout and get cooking!
- Stuff the cavities of each fish with equal amounts of the stuffing mix. o 4 Rainbow Trout = ¼ stuffing mix per fish.
-Turn the grill down to medium/ high. Lock the Flexi Grilling Basket at the handle before setting it on the grill. Close the grill’s lid. It should take ˜ 7 - 8 minutes to get the first side nice and brown. Check the fish at ˜ 3 - 4 minutes to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.
- After the first side is done, carefully flip the grilling basket over and continue cooking. Rainbow Trout are done cooking when you can see the meat pulling from the bones.
- Remove the basket from the grill. Put the grilling basket on the counter to rest ˜ 8 minutes. Do not cover the fish while it rests.
- After it has had time to rest, unlock the grilling basket and release your fish into the wild of your dinner plates. Garnish with the Bruschetta tomatoes and enjoy.

If you are serving bread, I recommend a nice, fresh loaf of Ciabatta – it goes really well with this dish.


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