New Harbour adds CAD system to help with custom jobs

Designer assists customers with options


New Harbour, the Fall River, Mass.-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor cushions and home accessories, has added the Lectra CAD system to provide custom cushions to some of the industry's major players. The system includes a digiplan digitizer, graphics station and alys plotter.

"This system will be running the Lectra Diamino Furniture Basic Mark V5R2 and the Formaris Furniture Easy V5 software for interactive pattern making, prototyping and ultimately prototype costing," New Harbour President Peter Jerome said. "We need to constantly continue finding new and innovative ways to bring high-quality products to our customers, like Gloster Furniture, and do it in a way that is completely unique to their company. Custom products are the key to our success and our customer's success."

Additionally, new product designer Amanda Culhane offers design sessions where a customer can make final fabric and cushion design decisions. Customers can send in their furniture and have cushions designed within one or two days of arriving.

"From a sales perspective, this new system and our new product designer gives us an advantage over our competition because many companies will not do the type of customized products that we have and will continue to do," said Tracy Robin, national sales manager. "The implementation of this system also allows us to satisfy our customers much more quickly and easily, whether they are large manufacturers or smaller retail stores. What used to take four weeks to design will take less than half the time."

New Harbour has had a growth spurt since Jerome purchased the company seven years ago. "We have been growing at approximately 20% each year for the last seven years, which is due to our dedicated team of people and to the fact that we are always changing," he said. "We are not stopping here at the installation of this new system."

New Harbour will add a complete design center to its 35,000-sq.-ft. facility this month.

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