Storis enhancement allows furniture retailers to go paperless

New function available for immediate use

StorisMT. ARLINGTON, N.J. - Storis recently released a new module called Signature Capture & Document Archive. This module was developed with W. S. Badcock Corporation with the goal of reducing paper documents needed to support their consumer financing program. Signature Capture & Document Archive has been made available as part of Storis’ core product offering.

Retailers are contractually bound by their Merchant Agreements with credit card and financing companies to maintain records with consumers’ signatures for a number of years after the original transaction. Signature Capture & Document Archive enables retailers to electronically store all copies of documentation requiring signatures.

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“There are at least 11 types of documents our retailers utilize that these contractual obligations apply to," said Dave Graham, technical project manager for Storis. "This volume is especially pertinent for retailers offering financing options. This eliminates an enormous amount of paper, which is a win for the retailers from many standpoints including organization, customer experience and sustainability.”

Storis’ new functionality enables retailers to merge an electronically captured signature to a PDF document. The retailer can design the documents of their choice and place the signature in the location of their choosing. They can also configure advanced settings around the signature capture process, including controlling whether a signature has to be captured before a process can be completed. This protects the retailer by collecting all necessary signatures to legally complete contracts.

The Signature Capture & Document Archive module is compatible with credit card signature capture hardware so Storis retailers can easily start utilizing this functionality immediately. In addition, the module can be integrated to third party document management software that many organizations use for indexing and search management of their organization-wide documents.

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Top 100 retailer W.S. Badcock is the first of Storis’ clients to roll out this feature in their stores.

“We are excited about the benefits Signature Capture & Document Archive will bring to business processes that are important to W.S. Badcock’s success," said Bill Trimble, CIO of W.S. Badcock. "We anticipate enhancing our customers’ experience, saving resources and optimizing our business information.”

Signature Capture & Document Archive is now available to all Storis clients and prospective clients in their 9.7 release. You can see this and all the latest features at World Market or today by requesting a demo.

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