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2018 Color Forecast: Hue Cues

Designer directive on how to use the new palette for 2018

Color Forecast

Color, color, color—it’s back in a big way in home design. We talked to a host of design experts for our 2018 Color Forecast in the April issue. While sharing trends, they also gave insights on how to use these hot colors in outdoor settings.

When incorporating bold hues or even some of the pastels of our Miami Ice palette (cool shades of light pink, blue, lavender and mint a la Miami’s Art Deco District), accessories are a great way to add a pop of color without overwhelming a space.

“Add some pieces with trim, whether it’s trim on a cushion or using pillows,” says Greg Voorhis, design director, Sunbrella. “Or get some fabric that’s bright and make an accessory that sits on the table. Accessories are a great way to brighten a room and be able to change it often.”

Designer Libby Langdon suggests using a “connector fabric”—a patterned textile with a bold pop of color that brings cohesion to the overall design while infusing personality.

“Bold and bright or soft and subtle, the connector fabric is used on smaller items like a chair, ottoman, bench or throw pillows,” she says. “Then pull two or three colors out of the connector fabric; one neutral, and then choose one or two more colors depending on how many pieces you're displaying, and that’s the color story.”

Color Forecast

Another trend is the use of neon shades to add a shot of life to neutral palettes. Combos like a bright lime green or neon yellow on gray add depth and interest to neutrals.

“I’m seeing a pop of neon,” says Michelle Lamb, editorial director, The Trend Curve. “I mean a little bit of piping or a cap on a leg—that kind of thing, just the teeniest taste.”

Metallics also serve as a good accompaniment to many of the shades in our palettes, from rose gold with pink to deep teal with brassy gold.

“We’re having a big resurgence of metallic shades,” says Jaye Anna Mize, creative director, home interiors, Fashion Snoops. “Copper has been around, but it’s getting darker, more burnt. Brassy golds are staying strong, and we’re seeing a resurgence in chrome—one is super-shiny and one is a little more buffed out.”

With so many options, playing with color has never been more fun.

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