Barrel House Cooker launches smoker

BHC includes specialized vertical cooking system

Barrel House CookerBAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Barrel House Cooker Company recently introduced its flagship product, the Barrel House Vertical Cooker (BHC), to deliver smoked barbecue flavors through a sleek and innovative design. Specifically, the BHC offers the consumer the ability to not only produce great flavors, but to also achieve the following as it relates to the outdoor cooking experience:

• Simpler: One-time setting allows the consumer to “hang it and forget It”
• Faster: Cooks at 275-300 degrees F, a competition-proven alternative to “low and slow”
• Smaller: Cooks six racks of ribs (25lbs) in a 14 inch diameter (33 pound) smoker

The BHC vertical cooking system allows proteins to self-baste as drippings fall into the fire and vaporize back into the cooking chamber. In addition, the BHC has been engineered to create convective air flow currents that provide for a uniform temperature gradient. The modularity and versatility of the design allows for an array of cooking configurations. Users can cook with charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal or briquettes plus wood chips to impart delicious flavors.

This product is designed to reach a broader buying base through its simplicity, speed, size and lower price point. BHC will be introducing two new units at the National Hardware Show, on May 9-11.

“At Barrel House, we look forward to growing the pool of potential buyers in this outdoor cooking segment that will be attributed to the ease of use for our family of products,” said Brian Graves, president of BHC.

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