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Vicky Jarrett

Teeny-tiny, but beautiful

The first home my husband and I rented was a 700-sq-ft house divided into four rooms, plus bath. It was small – snug even. Of course, we called it cozy. But that was a luxury mansion in comparison to the trend toward tiny houses now. These ... More

About This Blog

Vicky Jarrett is Editorial Director of Casual Living and, along with managing our editorial team and content in Casual Living, enjoys every opportunity to explore and dig deeper into the casual category.

Kristin Sprague

A Good Egg - five ingredients for a winning promotional email

If only sending promotional emails was as easy as making an omelet. Sometimes the subject line isn’t right. Sometimes the image gets skipped over. But don’t despair, not all chefs get it right the first time. And having the right recip... More

About This Blog

Kristin Sprague is the Digital Publisher at Progressive Business Media. Her role is to be forward thinking in the digital progression of their clients as well as their publications (Furniture Today, Casual Living, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Kids Today, Home Accents Today, Home & Textiles Today). An early adaptor to digital marketing, Sprague is committed to educate and inspire by sharing simplified and successful practices on trends across the entire digital marketing landscape through this blog.
Ronda Whitaker

Speed Matters

  Zig Ziglar once said something to the effect of, “Optimism is going after Moby Dick with a pocket knife in one hand and tartar sauce in the other.” That was the casual grilling frame of mind going into this month’s blog.... More

About This Blog

Ronda Whitaker has been Casual Living's graphic designer since 2007. In her new home, she loves to cook and enjoys grandiose thoughts of gourmet entertaining in her back yard. Ronda’s backyard is a long way from being an entertainment mecca, but with this blog she's looking forward to trying new recipes while improving her novice grilling skills.
Image of Jennifer Bringle

Seeing Stars

Market showrooms often tend to have a festive air – new products enhanced by complementary food and drinks (among other freebies) tend to get people in a buoyant mood. But throw in a celebrity appearance, and that festive atmosphere hits a n... More

About This Blog

Jennifer Bringle, senior editor at Casual Living, is our guru of product introductions and retail and style trends. While helping Casual Living to stay tuned in to the various markets and latest retail issues, Jennifer keeps her focus on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not.

Bruce Bjorkman

Every patio furniture store should sell grills

Any retailer selling patio furniture and accessories should also be selling barbecues and smokers. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? I believe that if you’re a retailer who isn’t incorporating grills into your product mix, you... More

About This Blog

Bruce Bjorkman writes a monthly column for Casual Living called The Barbecue Lifestyle, a perfect outlet for his years in the grill industry. Currently Bruce is director of sales and marketing for MAK Grills, and he is always ready to tackle the next hot topic. Contact Bruce at

Figuring Your Technology ROI

The right software isn’t an expense; it’s an investment You’re tired of manually updating your records, trying to remember where that piece of inventory is stored, and sifting through the stacks of paperwork taking up valuable s... More

About This Blog

Every other month, STORIS shares insights gleaned from its 25 years focused on retail software solutions to make your business tick – for the better. STORIS is a leading provider of retail software solutions to the home furnishings industry. STORIS offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to help retailers streamline operations, improve profitability and outperform their competition. Contact STORIS at or by visiting its website at
Cinde W. Ingram

Looks count as seasons change

Make good first impressions and relevant memories Take a look at your store and consider this statement: “If you look closed, you’re closed.” With only 10 seconds to impress customers as they walk in the door, a “wow&rdqu...; More

About This Blog

Cinde W. Ingram is the Editor in Chief of Casual Living. This blog is her way to stay in touch with our readers: She wants to know what you think about new products, markets, the retail climate and, most of all, Casual Living. Let Cinde know what's going on.