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Waynette Goodson

Top 5 Trends to Watch in Spoga + Gafa

Today I will leave for Cologne, Germany, for what is one of the largest garden fairs in the world: spoga + gafa. About 2,000 exhibitors from around 60 countries will “present all of the news and trends of the open-air lifestyle.” (That... More

About This Blog

Waynette Goodson is both the editor in chief of Casual Living and its brand ambassador. Her goal is to become a thought leader in the world of outdoor furnishings and design. Thus, she focuses on sharing insightful information to help you increase your business. Waynette will keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and wrap it all up in one handy blog, casually speaking.


Understanding your meta-data

On many website platforms (examples include WordPress, Django, Squarespace, Weebly) there is a section called "meta-data" designated to each web page. Meta-data, particularly some of the elements below, are important because of where and how they... More

About This Blog

Bridget Driscoll, the News and Online Editor for Casual Living, delves into the world of Online Marketing and how it affects the outdoor furniture industry. From SEO to e-commerce sites, Bridget will share her knowledge on all things digital. 

Vicky Jarrett

March to Market

As we look forward to Casual Market Chicago (Sept. 20-23) and reflect on the Las Vegas Market (July 31-Aug.4), it’s interesting to compare the two. In one corner, we have the heavyweight, Casual Market Chicago, boasting a complete collectio... More

About This Blog

Vicky Jarrett is Editorial Director of Casual Living and, along with managing our editorial team and content in Casual Living, enjoys every opportunity to explore and dig deeper into the casual category.

Ronda Whitaker

Queue, The Kabob – 3 Ways to increase grill and add-on sales

So I’m reading an article about the popularity of kabobs in American Way magazine (courtesy of our thoughtful and talented editor-in-chief) and my frontal cortex lights up like the 4th of July. And not just from Googling recipes to make my t... More

About This Blog

Ronda Whitaker has been Casual Living's graphic designer since 2007. In her new home, she loves to cook and enjoys grandiose thoughts of gourmet entertaining in her back yard. Ronda’s backyard is a long way from being an entertainment mecca, but with this blog she's looking forward to trying new recipes while improving her novice grilling skills.
Image of Jennifer Bringle

Three Lessons Every Store Can Learn from Amazon

Recently, The Retail Federation published a story on “21 Ways Amazon Changed the Face of Retail.” Timed for the e-commerce giant’s 21st anniversary, the piece highlighted nearly two-dozen ways the company has rewritten the retail... More

About This Blog

Jennifer Bringle, features editor at Casual Living, is our guru of product introductions and retail and style trends. While helping Casual Living to stay tuned in to the various markets and latest retail issues, Jennifer keeps her focus on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not.

Bruce Bjorkman

You’d better watch out…

It may already be too late if you haven’t started planning for the holidays. Thanksgiving is closer than you think. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will follow as quickly as a blink, and the next thing you know, it’ll be New Year&rsquo...; More

About This Blog

Bruce Bjorkman writes a monthly column for Casual Living called The Barbecue Lifestyle, a perfect outlet for his years in the grill industry. Currently Bruce is director of sales and marketing for MAK Grills, and he is always ready to tackle the next hot topic. Contact Bruce at

Dispelling Technology Myths

Many retailers know technology can help their businesses prosper, yet tech myths continue to hold them back. These misunderstandings can relate to many types of technology, from retail software to an e-commerce website. Retailers who empower them... More

About This Blog

Every other month, STORIS shares insights gleaned from its 25 years focused on retail software solutions to make your business tick – for the better. STORIS is a leading provider of retail software solutions to the home furnishings industry. STORIS offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to help retailers streamline operations, improve profitability and outperform their competition. Contact STORIS at or by visiting its website at