Technology Talk

Every other month, STORIS shares insights gleaned from its 25 years focused on retail software solutions to make your business tick – for the better. STORIS is a leading provider of retail software solutions to the home furnishings industry. STORIS offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to help retailers streamline operations, improve profitability and outperform their competition. Contact STORIS at or by visiting its website at
  • Casual Conversations

    Every year at Casual Market, retailers are invigorated—not only by the introduction of beautiful new collections, but also by the strategic ideas shared with fellow peers. The dyna-mic nature of retail and how to handle challenges presented by rising e-commerce sales will be important topics this market. Part of the customer experience that has been a prominent discussion lately is how quickly merchandise gets from the point of purchase to the customer’s home. Technology is critical to a retailer’s unified commerce strategy and how they move inventory through their supply chain efficiently. I have been inspired lately ... Read More
  • What is Your Customer Experience?

    In today’s retail environment, customer experience is a business’ true competitive differentiator. So what is your customer experience? You may be envisioning how your showroom takes your customers back to their most memorable vacations—inspired vignettes, calming music and the soothing scent of the ocean. Nothing instantly snaps a customer back to reality like you telling them the collection that attracted them to your store is actually $300 higher than your online price and won’t be available for more than a month. Luckily that’s the kind of “experience killer” that a technology partner can help you ... Read More
  • Five Buying Tools to Maximize Revenue

    The casual furniture industry has experienced steady growth over the past several years. As a business owner, it’s important to understand how that macro growth has translated to your personal business. Your retail software can serve as a wealth of information about your biggest merchandising successes and a guide for what you shouldn’t re-buy at your next market. Here, we outline five of the best buying tools to maximize your merchandise performance and keep pace for strong growth in 2017. After all, every dollar should be put toward generating the greatest gross margin return on investment. 80/20 ... Read More
  • Unified Commerce

    In the not so distant past, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers had their worlds shaken up by the introduction of e-commerce and the idea of multi-channel retailing. Soon the concept of omni-channel retailing made them realize they didn’t have to be just a brick-and-mortar outlet or an e-commerce site. In fact, successful brands should have a strategy for multiple outlets. Fast-forward to today and we’ve arrived at “unified commerce.” This is the next evolution of retailing, a concept driven by consumer behavior that’s a strategic initiative for leading retailers. Unified commerce is about delivering a seamless customer experience. Every ... Read More
  • New Year, New Tech

    When using business software, it’s easy to get comfortable with the familiarity of a routine. Sometimes we don’t even stop to think, “When was the last time I updated my software with new enhancements?” How long it’s been may surprise you. While the ease of the familiar may seem great, what you’re missing by not having an updated software system can be holding back your business. Here are five reasons why a software platform that regularly innovates is an advantage. Enhanced Functionality The obvious reason to get excited about upgrades is new features. STORIS has recently ... Read More
  • Four Ways to Win the e-Commerce Game

    Retailers know their website is the first point of engagement for prospective customers to experience their brand. And for savvy store owners, that engagement can result in a boost in sales. In fact, Business Insider estimates that “one-fourth of all furniture purchases will take place online this year.” Because a strong web presence is vital, it’s important that retailers execute a successful web strategy that not only builds interest in their brand, but also stokes sales. Here are four tips for running a website that drives traffic both online and to your brick-and-mortar stores: Create a Knock-Out Homepage Your ... Read More
  • Dispelling Technology Myths

    Many retailers know technology can help their businesses prosper, yet tech myths continue to hold them back. These misunderstandings can relate to many types of technology, from retail software to an e-commerce website. Retailers who empower themselves with tech knowledge can propel their businesses forward. Let’s dispel a few of the most common technology myths. • Using outdated technology won’t negatively affect my business. This myth goes along with the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maybe you’ll be lucky, and the implications won’t be significant. However, if retailers know that their ... Read More
  • Better Back-up

    While the technology that runs your business is important, you might be surprised to know it’s only half the consideration when choosing a software provider. Businesses often overlook the services that go along with the software. As part of a strong technology partnership, a committed services team can demonstrate best practices and guide clients to achieve results. One of the crucial services to consider is a technical support team. Part of learning and growing with a technology system is ongoing support for how to use your system to its fullest. At STORIS, we provide a dedicated support team based ... Read More
  • 5 ways to manage inventory

    Maintaining control over your inventory impacts critical aspects of your business from profit margins to customer satisfaction. In a competitive retail environment, inventory management can make or break a business. There are many advanced inventory management strategies and tactics that work for different business models. However, after almost three decades of helping some of the nation’s leading furniture retailers manage their inventory, we know it all starts with a strong foundation. Set your team’s standard. Motivate your team to practice good organizational habits by leading by example. Always keep your warehouse and showrooms organized, and show an attention ... Read More
  • Tap into trends

    As one of the busiest times of the year for casual retailers approaches, it is a prime time to evaluate rising consumer trends. The retail environment is rapidly changing as technology and communications shape the way consumers relate to their favorite brands. Last year, the casual industry had an incredibly strong performance, with 4.5% annual growth reaching almost $7 billion (see Casual Living’s Universe Study, November 2015). At Storis, we believe there are some steps retailers can take to help continue this pace of growth. Here are five key trends that are impacting the furniture retail market and ... Read More
  • Setting Goals

    By Caitlin Jascewsky, Marketing Communications Coordinator, STORIS This is the time of year that people evaluate what opportunities to chase, changes to make and goals to set. While everyone is doing this on a personal level, it is also a time to reflect on what success means for your business in 2016. With new year’s goals in mind, here are some questions to help evaluate the state of your business. Am I on track to meet consumer demand? We are a software company, so it is obvious we are on board the technology train. There is no denying that ... Read More
  • Manage software conversion to be a win for your store

    Every day retailers find themselves completing tedious tasks they know should take less time. When serving customers, they regret that the processes aren’t smoother; as the end of the month approaches, they may think the numbers seem a little off but aren’t sure how to figure it out; and finishing yearly physical counts, they realize inventory has gotten out of control. Situations such as these are happening each day, and, while retailers know solutions are out there that can correct these issues, year after year no changes are made. The reason we hear far too often at STORIS ... Read More