Technology Talk

Every other month, STORIS shares insights gleaned from its 25 years focused on retail software solutions to make your business tick – for the better. STORIS is a leading provider of retail software solutions to the home furnishings industry. STORIS offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to help retailers streamline operations, improve profitability and outperform their competition. Contact STORIS at or by visiting its website at
  • An efficient furniture store

    Imagine what running a business was like before technology. Tedious, disorganized, time consuming … how did people do it? While retail software solutions have been around for decades, it is surprising the number of furniture retailers that still complete processes the old-fashioned way. A strong retail software solution is one that makes a business owner’s life easier, staff more productive, customers more satisfied and overall retail operations more successful. To sum it up, retail software delivers efficiency. This should come as no surprise; technology makes our everyday lives more convenient. What you may not realize is just how many ways ... Read More
  • Figuring Your Technology ROI

    The right software isn’t an expense; it’s an investment You’re tired of manually updating your records, trying to remember where that piece of inventory is stored, and sifting through the stacks of paperwork taking up valuable space. You’re wondering just how well your business performed over the past year but not enough to justify the hours it would take to find the numbers, much less crunch them. Even worse, you’re using your technology – the same exact technology that hasn’t changed AT ALL in five years. So why haven’t you made a change? The ... Read More
  • When Art Meets Science: The Power of Big Data in Retail

    Customers come into your store and instantly gravitate toward the latest patio collection. The attention this display is getting validates that the merchandise is on trend, yet no one is purchasing from this collection. Last year a similar line caused a peak in sales. So what’s going on? Many things could be at play. Is there a problem with customers trusting this vendor? Maybe the weather is colder than this time last year? Are similar lines eligible for a marketing promotion? The real question is “How can you make strategic decisions for the success of your store?” The answer ... Read More
  • Keep up with tech-savvy consumer expectations

    In 2015, the Millennial generation (ages 18 to 34) is projected to be the nation’s largest living generation, exceeding the Baby Boomer generation (ages 51 to 69) by close to half a million (U.S. Census Bureau). This equates to a larger share of consumption by Millennials; their purchasing power will exceed $170 billion this year. If you are not convinced that this generation will be impacting the bottom line of your retail store, consider this: Studies show more than 65% of the American adult population carry smartphones and are significantly more tech savvy than they were even just ... Read More
  • For a better customer experience

    Invest in your customers with timely tactics to close the sale. Everything in casual outdoor retail revolves around the customer. By providing the customer with a tailored shopping experience, you drive sales growth. Retail software enhances the customer experience by giving your sales team the proper tools and information required to complete a sale and efficiently follow up on leads. What it all comes down to is that deploying an integrated retail software system and related companion tools can increase closing ratio, average ticket and bottom line. When a customer walks in (a customer relationship management tool called) an “up ... Read More