Casually Speaking

Waynette Goodson

Waynette Goodson is both the editor in chief of Casual Living and its brand ambassador. Her goal is to become a thought leader in the world of outdoor furnishings and design. Thus, she focuses on sharing insightful information to help you increase your business. Waynette will keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and wrap it all up in one handy blog, casually speaking.

  • Designing the Outdoors

    Creating intimacy. Finding a focal point. The clever use of containers and antiques outside. These were just a few of the topics discussed in the panel titled “Decorating Outdoors,” led by Margot Shaw, editor in chief of Flower magazine. The session was just one of many in last weekend’s Southern Style Now design festival, located in beautiful downtown Savannah, Georgia. The event drew renowned designers from across the U.S. For this particular outdoor panel, Jon Carloftis, Summer Loftin and Troy Rhone weighed in on how they create great spaces for the 5th Room.  Q: What inspired you ... Read More
  • Dwelling On It: Finding Inspiration Everywhere

    Every editor likes to think that the magazine they work for is the best magazine on the planet. And of course, Casual Living is the best magazine on the planet. But I have to admit that there are some very good magazines that are now covering the casual category. Let’s take a moment and give it up for Dwell with the tagline “At Home in the Modern World.” If you think you know the outdoor category, then pick up a copy, because there is so much more to learn. I think the Casual Living audience is more accustomed to ... Read More
  • At Their Peak: An Update on Peak Season

    Known for its unique use of mixed materials and fun accessories (think pillows and lanterns), Peak Season will roll out a new collection and 33 new accessories, for a total of 64 new items, at Casual Market Chicago this week. Casual Living Publisher John Emerick and I popped in to visit John Diorio, Peak Season vice president, at their Irondale, Alabama, headquarters during our recent Editor/Publisher Roadshow. In business for nine years, the small company prides itself on on-trend design, attention to detail and quality products. “Every inch of product is touched by human hands,” Diorio says. “It’s ... Read More
  • The Winds of Trend

    To quote the great Julia Roberts in the 1989 hit Steel Magnolias: “My colors are ‘bashful’ and ‘blush.’” And that’s perhaps one of the most interesting 2018 trends forecast for outdoor furnishings: blush pinks combined with deep reds. In our market coverage thus far (ITA Showtime, ICFA Preview and the Las Vegas Market), we members of the Casual Crew have picked up on a lot of new trends. In fact, I had too much info to cram into the folds of our spectacular September issue—on its way to you now! Here’s what didn’t fit in print ... Read More
  • Born to Shop in the U.S.A.

    In July, Casual Living always produces an all-American themed issue. And what’s more American these days than shopping? We’re a consumerist society, and I must admit that shopping is my favorite pastime. In fact, consumption has been called America’s true national pastime, from the earliest European settlers trading with the Native Americans to today’s Internet shoppers. Thankfully for my budget, I’m not an Internet shopper. I’m simply not going to buy something unless I can see the true color, feel the texture and try it on for size. Imagine my surprise getting this job ... Read More
  • Designer Education

    “I have a client in the mountains who loves a traditional style—but he doesn’t want teak! And it’s a very windy location, so what am I going to do?” “I’ve been in retail for casual for a long time, and now that designers are coming into the business more and more, I want to get to know them better and what they want.” “I’m in marketing for an outdoor manufacturer and I’m here to learn about the category and get up to speed on all the trends.” “I made these pants out of Sunbrella ... Read More
  • The Power of Email Marketing

    Of all the marketing tools at our fingertips today, email marketing remains one of the most effective. Send me an email blast about a new product launch, and I’m a total sucker. I can’t help but click through immediately. For example, I’ve been known to run out at lunch and buy every single piece of clothing down to the belt in a Banana Republic e-blast. Truthfully, for Casual Living, we get the majority of our web traffic through our regular Monday and Thursday e-newsletters. Folks see an article they’re interested in and click through directly to ... Read More
  • Selling Across Generations

    I’ve heard a lot of speeches and presentations about Millennials or Millennials vs. Baby Boomers, etc., but it wasn’t until David Stillman described how to sell to the different generations that I had my first aha moment. Co-author of “When Generations Collide,” Stillman kicked off the speakers at the ICFA conference held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Rather than judging them and determining who’s right and who’s wrong, maybe you should sell to them in a different way,” Stillman said. “We have to go beyond age. Each generation shares a common history, and each has their own ... Read More
  • The A.R.T. of the Deal

    The No. 1 thing that’s keeping most everyone awake in the casual world—whether you’re a manufacturer or a market official or a retailer—is the erosion of the specialty dealer base. At the same time, the No. 1 thing that most folks agree on is helping out these independent stores and bolstering their business during these days of intense competition from e-commerce, as well as all the new entrants to the outdoor category. Enter Gloster and its annual Advanced Reseller Training or A.R.T. The two-day event, Feb. 7-8, ushered in about 30 Gloster dealers (plus ... Read More
  • Six Shows: Six Months

    One thing that has made the biggest impression upon me in my six months in this business—you all work very, very hard! This furniture industry is tough, particularly traveling and working all the markets. I’m proud to say that I’ve actually completed six markets in six months’ time, so I think I’ve arrived! Here’s my show schedule (below) since joining Casual Living on May 16 and my lasting impression of each one – why it’s special and why you should go. I’m also giving each show my own personal “Difficulty Level” from 1-10: International ... Read More
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  • Heard at Market: Internet Frustrations

      Two retailers sound off about their web challenges. Do you agree? At Casual Market Chicago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two retailers in the Tropitone showroom for a delicious Mexican lunch. Soon the conversation turned to their challenges with the Internet. How do they compete with e-tailers? They feel as if their hands are tied. The couple cited many, many reasons, but the main ones are . . . The same outdoor furniture they sell gets drastically marked down by online competitors, as much as 25 percent off. (Plus, there are select pieces that manufacturers won’t allow to be ... Read More