Casually Speaking

Waynette Goodson

Waynette Goodson is both the editor in chief of Casual Living and its brand ambassador. Her goal is to become a thought leader in the world of outdoor furnishings and design. Thus, she focuses on sharing insightful information to help you increase your business. Waynette will keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and wrap it all up in one handy blog, casually speaking.

  • Top 5 Trends to Watch in Spoga + Gafa

    Today I will leave for Cologne, Germany, for what is one of the largest garden fairs in the world: spoga + gafa. About 2,000 exhibitors from around 60 countries will “present all of the news and trends of the open-air lifestyle.” (That’s perhaps six times the size of the Las Vegas Market.) Someone told me at lunch this week that it’s just “a big hardware show”—but I’m not buying it! Based on the press releases we’ve already received, I predict it’s going to be an eye-opening experience. Let’s face it: The top trends ... Read More
  • First Market Impressions/Designer Excellence Picks

    “It’s not that much walking; it’s all on two floors.” Or, “This is just a drop in the bucket to the September show.” Really! To this first-time show-goer, the ICFA Preview Show in Chicago was massive. To put it in perspective, Debra Egli, buyer relations for The Mart, informed me that the building is actually the largest commercial building in North America, perhaps even bigger than the Pentagon. So I Googled and found that The Mart weighs in at 4.2 million square feet, and The Pentagon boasts 6.6 million square feet. My point is, regardless, the ... Read More
  • How Bad Stats Can Mean Good Business

    I'm the type of gal that when life gives me lemons, I don't just make lemonade; I put it in a fancy glass with an umbrella. Then I go outside on my patio to enjoy it in my chaise longue – such is the Casual Living lifestyle. Turns out I'm not alone: In today's challenging economy, instead of spending their hard-earned coin on vacations, more and more Americans are turning to "staycations," i.e. vacationing at home. This month, the New York Times reported that nearly one-third of adults in the U.S., about 76 million people ... Read More