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Norman Hamilton has joined Casual Living magazine as publisher
Norman Hamilton is the former Publisher of Casual Living magazine. Currently he represents Dale Carnegie Training of Central & Eastern North Carolina. www.greaternc.dalecarnegie.com. He can be reached at nbhamilton1949@gmail.com or 336.207.3997
  • Five Drivers of Success

        suc·cess noun the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. the attainment of popularity or profit.  Most of us want to be successful. Yet as you can see from above there are different definitions of success. For some it is an accomplishment. For others, it is popularity. Still others link success to making money. If you are in sales, success means one of your customers walks away owning the goods you offered. None of us like to be sold anything. Yet we all love to buy things. When was the last time you told a friend, “We went shopping this ... Read More