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Welcome to PBM Strategic Insight’s blog where we will talk marketing research. This may include general overviews about research and its benefits, studies we have done ourselves, or studies we come across that piques our interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). Please share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion.

  • What retail can learn from MTV's latest reinvention

    Music video pioneer, MTV, has undergone numerous rebirths over its 36-year history and currently finds itself in the midst of another. Launched in 1981 with the music video “Video Killed the Radio Star,” the channel redefined musical entertainment for an entire generation. As the music video field flooded with imitators, the station switched gears, positioning itself at the forefront of the reality TV era with its then breakthrough series The Real World. For the next 20 years MTV rode the “unscripted” TV wave with reality shows like The Osbournes, Laguna Beach and Jersey Shore. Recently though, during a time when ... Read More
  • Crowdsourcing: A different way of doing business

    When companies crowdsource, they use an external group of people (a crowd) to obtain a needed service or idea. Different than outsourcing, crowdsourced work comes from an undefined public rather than a specific group. While first officially coined in a 2006 article by Wired magazine, the earliest example can be argued back to the mid-1800s with the collection of words for the Oxford English Dictionary when a group known as the Philological Society contracted more than 800 volunteer readers to collect words from all available books and document their usages. Click here to get complete details. Read More
  • Social media and the age of disconnectedness

    One of the paradoxes of our age today is that we are more connected than ever with each other through our screens, but more disconnected than ever in real life. As cultural analyst Sherry Turkle points out in a TED talk, we are settling for mere connection though our digital devices instead of real life communication with those around us. Click here for complete details. Read More
  • The Research Scoop: Move over Millennials, the iGen generation is here

    While market researchers are just beginning to gain a firm understanding of Millennials, the next generation has arrived: Generation Z. This cohort was born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, and market researchers have barely scratched the surface when it comes to discovering what attitudes, beliefs, and values are important to Generation Z. Fortunately, MARU/VCR&C, a research consulting company, fielded two surveys in March of 2016 to help shed light on the emerging generation. Click here for complete details. Read More