A Numbers Game

Alex Milstein
A Numbers Game is all about research in the casual industry. This blog will focus on exclusive Casual Living research you can use to help your business grow and thrive. Not only will you gain insights into popular trends and the wants of consumers, we also offer actionable tips and advice to help you use these numbers to your advantage.
  • Boosting outdoor furniture sales through online reviews

    We all know consumers research products online before they come to the store, but what exactly are they looking at? Our October Casual Living Outdoor Consumer Survey has the answer: consumer reviews. It found that 75% of consumers read online reviews before buying outdoor furniture. Nearly 60% look at a manufacturer’s website, and 52% speak with friends and family who own the product when researching items. One quarter of consumers use social media to research outdoor furniture, with 42% using Facebook and 29% using Pinterest, making these the most popular social media channels for research. And this isn’t ... Read More
  • 3 stats on why to carry American-made

    Have you noticed that more and more products are being slapped with a “Made in U.S.A” sticker lately? While American manufacturing has grown quickly in recent years, the want for American-made products seems to be growing even quicker. If you were thinking of adding American-made products, now’s the time. We sent out our second-annual “Made in the U.S.A” survey for our July 2017 issue, and there were three main findings of interest:   91% of consumers prefer outdoor furniture made in the U.S.A. Yes, you read that correctly: Ninety. One. Percent. The survey also ... Read More