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I'm Taking A Chargeback When . . .

October 27, 2007

Dear Manufacturer,

I am going to take a chargeback against you when break any of these 10 commandments:

1. I order merchandise in one color, your box is tagged as having that color merchandise in it, and the merchandise in the box is a different color altogether. The same is true if you send the wrong merchandise in a properly tagged carton.  Customers can’t sit on boxes!
2. You change the formulation of your frame colors midyear making them glossier or matter and don’t provide me new samples and sufficient notice to balance my inventory.
3. You publish the sizes of your product in your catalog and price list but the actual merchandise is smaller (or larger) than publicized.
4. You send me knock down merchandise but the nuts/bolt kit is incomplete or have the wrong pieces in them. Similarly, if you include assembly instructions, which don’t apply, to the merchandise you sent them with.
5. You send me any cushioned goods, which use defective fabric, particularly when you should have light tabled the fabric to discover flaws before cutting.
6. You send me chairs or tables that have been miswelded or miscut in a jig so that they are not square and don’t sit level.
7. I have to make multiple trips to customers’ locations to pick up and replace goods that contain a system wide manufacturing defect.
8. Your rep calls me more than five times to remind me that the order deadline for a special marketing program is coming up.
9. I order merchandise in quantities and colorways that make complete sets and you backorder an item making the set incomplete. It doesn’t matter if it is a cushion, table base, tabletop, host chair, or end table, I am going to charge back all of the merchandise in that set which I will have to warehouse until you send the missing piece.
10. Your customer service department requires me to submit redundant and burdensome paperwork for you to fix any of the above problems when a simple phone call should do.

Yours in confused retailing, Bruce