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Gray Continues to Influence Color Trends

October 26, 2009

                              Pantone Home 2010

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, the never ending economic doldrums, or the feelings that are inside us like those on a dreary cloudy day, that are continuing to influence the colors of our wardrobe, home furnishings and textiles. Gray continues to expand its impact on style and design. Charcoal and Slate blend with neutrals such as Tan and Brown to warm up this traditionally cool color.  In addition, Gray is combining with colors such as Yellow and Green and even Blue to soften their impact.

If you walk through a clothing store you can’t help but notice all of the denim for sale. Denim is coming back in a big way. Just as red cast blues, such as purple, as a prominent color for 2010.

You might see a reduced number of new products available this year, due to the economy. Consumers feel comfortable with tradition, this is why damasks, paisleys and ikats will continue to be popular.

Color trends for outdoor living follow their indoor counterparts, as they follow apparel design. So take a stroll through your nearest mall to see whats new for 2010.

What colors are you seeing for 2010? Write and let me know.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake