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August 6, 2008

Triple Creek Ranch

The word inspire is defined in Webster’s Dictionary to produce or arouse a feeling, thought, etc. and to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.

I recently spent some time in a beautiful part of our country enjoying nature, animals and small town hospitality. This is an easy way to be inspired on a daily basis by the feelings that are generated by this gorgeous part of our nation.

The first part of my trip I spent in a small Montana hideaway in the mountains just above Darby, at a gem of a ranch called Triple Creek Ranch.

Triple Creek Ranch

This spectacular setting is a place to unwind, refresh and reconnect. Being away from the daily routines allows you to appreciate the things around us that you might otherwise not notice. Just take some time to look at these photos of mountains, big blue sky, glaciers, trees, wildlife and flowers to get a sense of what I experienced. For me inspiration comes from spending time outside which is a passion of mine.

Darby, Montana

 You do not have to visit these places to be inspired, you just have to take the time to notice the feelings that they evoke when you look at a beautiful setting, or smell the fresh clean air, or see the colors that meld with one another to create an impression.

For me inspiration is all around us everyday, you just have to take time to realize what it is that inspires you.

I love combining colors that commonly appear in nature. Take the first photo in this blog, the colors that meld together are blue, green and yellow. When you look at this photo what do you feel? I feel a sense of peace, happiness and hope.

Next time you are setting up an outdoor living space consider using these three colors together; blue, green and yellow, then step back and see the effect that your creation has made. You can do this in your showroom, store or your outdoor environment.

Triple Creek Ranch

Or try using blue, green and purple for a cool refreshing natural effect.

Stay tuned for more ways to get inspired…write a comment and tell me what inspires you? Marcia Blake