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July 16, 2008

                                                             ALISO CREEK BEACH, CA

My parents came into town to visit from hot and dry Phoenix, Arizona, so I did what anyone living in Southern California would do, I took them to the beach for the day.
It was a beautiful day, some hazy sunshine at times, which we did not mind since it helped to reduce the heat, and otherwise blue sky, calm ocean and warm sand.
                                                 UNIQUE BEACH UMBRELLA

We spent about four quality hours visiting and soaking up the gorgeous day. In addition to our sunscreen we also had two umbrellas to protect us from the harmful rays. As you look down the beach on either side it is easy to notice all of the beach umbrellas. They are all colorful or unique. They are also almost always purchased at Costco.

The question that crosses my mind when looking at all of these colorful beach umbrellas is why are we so willing to buy colorful, funky, modern, jazzy and fun beach umbrellas but when purchasing an umbrella for our backyard we all too often buy a safe traditional natural color umbrella?

                                                  COSTCO COLORFUL BEACH UMBRELLAS

I applaud those of you who step out of the box, leave your comfort zone and buy a uniquely colorful umbrella for your patio and backyard outdoor environment to accent or coordinate with your furniture.

Let me know what you type of umbrella you bring to the beach and what color umbrella you have in your backyard?…these are my outside views…write a comment and tell me yours. Marcia Blake