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July 2, 2008

    I recently had the opportunity to listen to an extremely motivational speech given by one of our very own Casual Furniture Retailers.

1.    Enthusiasm

    It is amazing to me how someone with such enthusiasm can create positive emotions, which will translate into happy people, happy sales staff and happy customers. Who wouldn’t want more sales and more profits while feeling good about themselves?

2.    Encourage Creativity
    It is very important to hold more sales meetings to discuss business, whether it is a discussion of new promotions, new products, advertising, customer service or future goals it is always positive to brainstorm together with your staff. Encouraging creativity, partnerships, and a positive mood will let your sales staff know, that you are always open to ideas and suggestions and you will always support them and listen to their ideas and concerns.
3.    Promote Exchange of Ideas
    Promoting a family atmosphere where people feel trust and support will make your sales staff loyal to your organization and they will want to work hard to succeed.
4.    Recognize a Job Well Done

    Everyone wants to feel appreciation, so make certain that you let them know that you recognize the hard work and congratulate their successes.

5.    Positive Emotions

    Don’t underestimate the effects of a positive mindset. A positive psyche will trickle down from you to your sales staff as it encourages a positive environment and lots of enthusiasm.
Positive Emotions = Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm = Cheerful Customers

Cheerful Customers = More Sales

Everyone wants to BE Happy, to FEEL Good about themselves and to PROMOTE Enthusiasm, to MOTIVATE Sales so start with yourself and begin your day with a SMILE on your face a POSITIVE attitude and see what you can create in others.

These are my outside views… write and tell me yours. Marcia Blake