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Software Solution to Sell Design

January 23, 2009

A fairly new software program, YOUReality, is available for independent dealers to assist them in creating a unique design for their customers utilizing the casual furniture for sale in their store. This software provides a better way to sell outdoor rooms and gives you the opportunity to add and delete options.

It is often difficult for a customer to visualize the choices that exist for their unique outdoor space. This specialized software program can help design and style the backyard of their dreams.

This comprehensive sales tool gives customers a visualization of their outdoor living space, so they can make a decision right in the store, saving you, and them, time and money. This program also enables you to show a range of options and combinations so they can create a unique setting all their own.

This software began with the building of an outdoor kitchen and can be updated to accommodate the casual furniture available in your stores. We are always looking for new ways to close that sale, perhaps this has a future in the casual furniture industry.

What are you doing to close that sale? Write a comment and let me know.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake