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Accentuate Sunbrella Cool Colors with Warm Shades

March 4, 2010

In a recent article in the Star News Online, by Susan Hart, she states, "Almost any furniture you would use inside the house you can now find for outdoor living. As people want to spend more time outdoors, they expand their living spaces accordingly."  We are seeing this happen more and more.

Trey Folcher, who together with his wife, Stephanie, owns Leisure World on Market Street says, "It’s a real lifestyle change that’s been happening for several years now."

"We have had neutrals for too long," lamented Folcher, who added that they "are just not right for people living at or near the beach."

But according to the folks at Sunbrella, a popular maker of weather-resistant fabrics, it’s important to add a touch of warm color to cooler materials.

"Neutrals are transitioning to cooler hues like a gray-cast taupe rather than warmer tones, and charcoal gray rather than dark, chocolate brown," said Gina Wicker, Sunbrella’s design and creative director. "We’re seeing these cooler neutrals partnering with anything from fun yellow, orange and pink to calmer wheat, brass or vellum hues.

"The key when working with cooler colors, especially gray, is to accent it with warmer hues to keep the look from being too cold and create a more inviting atmosphere."

"When it comes to fabrics, keep care in mind. Many modern fabrics can be cleaned by simply hosing them off or using a mild dish detergent like Dawn or Palmolive and warm water applied with a soft cloth or brush.

If you can imagine yourself wanting to change the color of your outdoor furniture in a few years, or just spruce it up, consider purchasing furniture made with loom wicker (Lloyd Flanders makes a good selection of items in this material), as it takes paint well."

I love the idea of changing the colors in the outdoor room, a simple color change can make a huge impact and make everything feel fresh and new.

Consider adding these vibrant etched wine glasses from Caron’s Beach House, in Southworth, Washington to a neutral decor and see how the cooler colors accent the warm neutral hues.

Caron’s Beach House Etched Glasses

Add some designer throw pillows made with Sunbrella Angela Slate and coordinating trim to accent neutral furniture.

Or add some Botanical Sealife accessories from Caron’s Beach House

along with some designer throw pillows made with   Sunbrella Rae Marie Sunset

Or Sunbrella Holmes Flannel

For more suggestions on how to spruce up your outdoor living space or showroom with Sunbrella Fabric and outdoor accessories, write a comment below or email me

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake