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How To Drive Traffic To Your Store

October 21, 2008

Your challenge in these difficult economic times is to drive traffic to your store by staying in touch with your customers, communicating with them about new products, trends and colors. Doing these things will help you to build loyalty and increase sales.

Anyone remotely involved with contacting customers is aware of the cost, but you can keep up your marketing and build loyalty while maintaining brand identity without a lot of cost. Here is one very simple idea how.

  • Establish a Blog

Develop one-on-one relationships with customers. You know that targeted communication brings stronger results than marketing to the masses. So consider utilizing one of the most highly touted features of the Web 2.0 era… blogging.  First take a step back to understand the meaning of Web 2.0. Defined in Wikipedia, this is a living term describing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology that aim to enhance creativity and information sharing. Next let’s consider the significance of a blog, it is very much like a personal diary or daily opinion column positioned in a chronological order.  Keeping in mind the environmental impact of traditional print advertisement this new technology seems like an inconsequential marketing tool, but it drives an entirely different delivery, advertising and value chain, while conveying a green effort.    

  1.     Add Value to Your Customers: Blogs allow you to directly communicate with your customer enabling you to build long-lasting relationships that foster trust. Blogs articulate your knowledge and expertise on products, trends and design for the casual furniture market.

Stay tuned in tomorrow for more ideas on blogging and on how to drive traffic to your store through one to one communication.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake