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Toss Throw Pillows Outside for an Artistic Approach

April 12, 2010

Do you want to feel as if you are in a tropical paradise? All it takes is some beautiful & colorful Outdoor Fabric, some bright colored flowers and lush greenery. Rather than spending time and money traveling to exotic destinations, create a colorful retreat in your very own backyard.

Homeowners commonly give a lot of consideration to their houses’ interiors, carefully choosing colors, furniture, and decorative details, and positioning each item just so. Now that it is Spring you can apply this same artistic approach to outdoor spaces.

In this Outdoor Space I added colorful flowering plants, green foliage, and vibrant outdoor throw pilows to punch up the space outside.

See just how lively a solid color love seat or sofa becomes when adorned with spectacular outdoor throw pillows made with Sunbrella fabric.

I love outdoor pillows, you can find them in just about every store that sells outdoor furniture, so toss a few or a lot on your furniture and see how it makes you feel!

If you own a casual furniture retail store and you have lots of colorful throw pillows on your furniture kudos to you!! If you own a casual furniture retail store and you have not embellished your store with this perfect decorative detail, I suggest you climb on the bandwagon and add this perfect accent.

If you need suggestions on what type of fabric or pillows to display, write a comment below and I will be happy to make recommendations.

It certainly puts a smile on my face.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake