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Changes In The Sun

March 11, 2009

I’ve heard of objects changing color in the sun, even we humans change color in the sun. Years back I bought hair clips and nail polish, both, that started out one color and then changed once you wore it in the direct sunlight and changed back when it was no longer exposed to the sun.

Well now those pool towels lounging on the chaises can add some fun to your decor by changing color when exposed to the sun. The new Sun Seen beach towel by Loftex USA are cotton towels that change when triggered by UV rays.

So have some fun in the sun, kids and adults will love these towels, add this item to the accessory line that your store merchandises to generate new interest and new business in your store. These towels change like a chameleon, a fun and interesting way to promote change.

To obtain the complete and total look make sure that the towels coordinate with the funiture cushions, as well as, the throw pillows. Add some candles in the same color, outdoor glassware and table top dishes, table cloths, napkins and place mats will all complement each other and enhance the theme.

We all need some fun so check out these new towels today.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake