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What Can You Do To Forget About The Economic Crisis For A While?

October 6, 2008


Where is the one place that you feel less exposed to the issues affecting our economy? What can you do to forget about the economic crisis for a few hours? The one place that keeps popping into my mind is our very own home, the place that we can feel safe and secure surrounded by our family and friends, amidst our belongings.


Bring your family together, spend time discussing just what is important in your life. Relieve the stress and pressure of our nation’s economy by relaxing at home. Choose to spend time outside under the clear blue sky or evening stars talking to your kids, your spouse or just thinking by yourself about character and values that mean the most to you. These are tools to help you feel stronger, to build your character, to get back to basics, to realize we are rich beyond our wildest dreams, rich in the family ties that we share and the friends that we call ours.

It doesn’t matter if you sit in a chaise lounge, relax on a sofa or club chair or sit around a dining table the point is to take advantage of your outside space. Sit and soak up the energy that exists all around you in the plants, air and animals that surround you.

Play some soothing music or cheerful tunes, drink your favorite drink and let the stresses of life slowly seep out of your pores and the goodness of life slowly seep back in.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake