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Accent Furniture With Colorful Pillows & Accessories

April 4, 2008

    Playing it safe, most retailers will order basic color fabrics for the outdoor furniture that they have on their floors to sell to customers. The consensus throughout the indoor and outdoor home industries is that we must accent these basic fabrics with throw pillows and other soft good accessories to add that splash of color, to represent sophistication, global influence, nature, optimism, eco-green, and the arts & crafts movement.

    More and more, we are reading and hearing about the importance to give back to the land and to the people, replacing what has been taken. You can see this trend in the materials and colors that are being used to represent conservation and ecological awareness. The color green is continuing to grow as we become more conscious of our environment. Yellow based green was a dominant color last year and is now shifting toward blue.

    As travel, nature and globalization continue to influence our culture the color blue will see a trend toward a deeper neutral blue in the future with a strong gray/green undertone. Reminiscent of the sea, these warm blue colors are a happy addition to the new accent colors.

    Whether or not you are feeling the pressures of the economy, health, regulation, education or the green movement, you can help to influence your emotions with the colors that you choose to accent your club chair, chaise or sofa. Throw a little sunshine, happiness, optimism or romance onto your outdoor furniture.


    Stay tuned to more color focus in future blogs.

    These are my Outside Views what are yours? Write a comment and let me know what colors you are accenting your furniture with and why?

    Marcia Blake