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Retail Doom & Gloom Forecast Doesn't Have to Be Your Reality

February 4, 2010

An economic summit in Richmond, Virginia, hosted by the Retail Merchants Association with leading economic experts met to discuss the retail environment due to todays economy. As small business owners you can control your own economic fears. All you need is a dose of positivity and motivation. Bob Phibbs is the Retail Doctor who provides this and more. While consumer confidence is down to recessionary levels you need to take stock of your business and do what is necessary to sell your merchandise. It is worth your time to take a few moments to watch what he has to say, then try to apply it to your business. Click on the photo below or the link to view…

Let’s all share some ideas on how you are changing to avoid the pitfalls of this recession, are you great at selling your merchandise and marketing your business?  Write comments below and I will share them in my future blogs.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake