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May 7, 2008

The best place to find all of your outdoor living solutions for MOM is at your local casual furniture retail specialty store. It is very important to convey this message to your local consumer. Right now every other retailer, whether or not they are big or small, single or multi unit, on-line or brick and mortar are advertising about the outdoor room, patio, backyard, retreat, and living space, so you need to be very proactive and differentiate yourself from them. You as a casual furniture retail specialty store are the expert in your field, promote, promote, promote this information to the local customer base. Once the customer realizes that you are the expert they will bring their shopping needs to you for your assistance.

    You will then be able to assist them in purchasing that something special for Mother’s Day! Brighten up her special day with the inspired furniture and accessories that you sell in your store. Help loved ones create individual combinations so that MOM can treasure her time relaxing and rejuvenating in her specially designed outdoor retreat together with family and friends.

    As an expert, you can help teach your customers that coordinating pillows, layering with pillows and choosing comfortable attractive and well-built furniture is the best way to bring the indoors outside to enjoy the living room style in your outdoor setting. Encourage your clients to escape to their backyards. Recommend drapes as a design addition to their outdoor living space. If you want to promote one very special item, consider choosing a softly woven chenille throw blanket specifically made for the outdoor room with Sunbrella thread. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to get cozy with Mom on her special day!

    These are my outside views, let me know yours…Marcia Blake