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June 18, 2008

                      Outdoor Kitchen Concepts

    Outdoor Living continues to prevail as a major trend as buyers remodel backyard patios and add on outdoor kitchens to make the outdoor encounter more pleasurable. Outdoor rooms are an extension of the family, living and recreational rooms. Expansive doorways are helping to make a seamless transition from the interior of the home to the exterior living space. It has never been easier to coordinate outdoor furniture and fabrics with the indoor furniture because of the varied selection of durable, weather resistant designer fabrics and trims. People are mixing and matching solid fabrics with patterned designs, while adding textures, fringes, bullion, cording and tassels.

                                          Montrachet by OW Lee                            Expansive Opening Doors by Nanowall

    Enhancing your outdoor living space with today’s fabrics is as simple as recovering cushions, adding soft accessories in the form of throw pillows and throws and embellishing the outdoor great room with outdoor drapes that bring warmth to the space.

                               Outdoor Fountain
    A lovely fountain promotes a positive flow of energy. A garden fountain is not only luxurious but acts as a source of tranquility and relaxation. The balmy sound of cascading water can be a tremendous stress reliever and an attractive addition to your garden and backyard.

    Encourage your customers to start upgrading their backyard paradise right now. Don’t wait until summer is in full swing. Provide support, help and suggestions on different ways to enhance your customer’s backyard.

    These are my outside views…let me know what suggestions you are providing your customers with? Marcia