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Outdoor Charm

January 7, 2009

Outdoor living captivates the indoors outside and beautifies your front and backyard with the same enthusiasm you embellish a much loved room in your home. It is all about expressing yourself. Communicating your style with garden accessories is easier than you think. Stone ornaments in the shape of animals like frogs, bunnies, and acorns can be strategically placed to highlight a garden setting.

Statues of children, cherubs, gnomes, angels, and saints can further enhance your design. These stone accessories coordinate nicely with wall décor, urns and planters. All of these items can be found in matching stone finishes and colors or can be selected in contrasting shades for effect.

Finally fountains and benches add the sanctuary touch to a garden setting where you can wile away the hours in private or with your family and friends.

These are accessories that are not always easy for the consumer to find, so as casual living retailers it behooves you to select some sources to be able to assist your customers in their selection and creation of their outdoor living spaces. This is also an ideal way to create good customer service as well as customer loyalty. You don’t have to stock huge quantities of these accessories, you might want to use some on display in your vignettes, but in the event that you simply want to provide good customer service you can provide catalogues and special order programs for these garden delights.

Here are a few wholesale resources for you to consider Pietro Stoneware and Orlandi Garden.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake