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Living Centerpieces

July 14, 2009

                 Amarillo Globe News

Tables come to life with the addition of a living centerpiece that also transforms into a work of art. Take a few ceramic, metallic or terra cotta pots, these can be the same size or assorted shapes and styles, fill them with soil, flowering plants or leafy green foliage.


Take a tray, any size will do, it can be an oval, oblong or rectangle, add a plastic liner then spread natural gravel over the entire space. In the center add an orchid in a terra cotta pot, place some red leaf tree ferns and a variety of other ferns around the center orchid, fill the tray with enough pots to cover the surface, add moss between the pots.

If you want a  tropical theme use tropical plants, if you want a colorful centerpiece use a variety of flowering plants, use succulents to represent the desert. In place of the gravel you can use sand and sea shells, use your imagination and some natural products to create your masterpiece.

These living center pieces can be placed on cocktail tables, dining tables or side tables for a green addition to your outdoor living space.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake