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February 11, 2009

The mood for color has become visible to us through an awareness of a pragmatic future.   The influence of the financial system, our desire to convert material into reusable products,  and fashion are all influential  considerations.

The trends that we are seeing are the need for vibrant and luxurious colors that have a wholesome perception. Hopeful colors are being used in the face of the economic downturn to promote a sense of well being.

The atmosphere that prevails is one of comfort and the colors reflected are purple, blue, yellow, soothing neutrals, bright oranges, red, turquoise and teal. We are all welcoming colors that make us feel happy, energetic, optimistic, bright and motivated. Purple  is a strong color that symbolizes luxury  and royalty, blue suggests our commitment to living on a greener planet with a focus on the ocean and sky. Yellow  provides the energy for us to re-establish our financial system. The neutrals link our hope and wish for peace. And the bright accents of orange, red, yellow, turquoise and teal embody confidence that we will emerge stronger and better than before.

Fashion is guided by our sincere wishes and aspirations for a better world. The casual furniture industry follows these same fashion trends. So let’s be optimistic and energetic this coming season with our choices of color.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake