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A Facelift for the Backyard

March 1, 2010

Every now and then during the winter months we wake up to a beautiful day, that makes us feel as if Spring is not far away. Today is one of those days for me, the temps are cool, but the sky is clear, blue and in the direct sun it almost feels like Spring. In fact it was warm enough to sit outside and eat my lunch around my outdoor table.

Sitting outside and looking around my backyard I began planning some changes for this coming Spring. I am going to refinish my patio floor. Right now I have stamped concrete in a rust finish to match the roof tiles of my Santa Barbara style house. The sealer has weathered and it is time for a facelift, as well as time for a change. I plan to lighten the color to a more neutral sepia tone, so when the mood hits I can change the accents and make my patio feel fresh and new, again and again.

Iron Plant Stands

The next step is to add some new color to the yard with colorful textured pots for plants. Crate & Barrel has some wonderful hand forged iron plant stands to give your pots some elevation. I want to plant Rosemary and Basil so that when I cook, which is more and more frequently, I can use fresh ingredients.

Rosemary                                        Basil

My outdoor furniture is still in terrific shape but it is time to change the cushions, simply because I want to update the look. Currently I have chocolate brown chenille with rust and terracotta accents on my cushions and I plan to change to cocoa, sage green and chocolate brown to mix, match and highlight my yard.

Antiqua                                   Boxwood                                Cheviot            
Iron and Zinc are BIG for the outdoor room, you can find iron candleholders and zinc hurricanes and planters. Adding a few of these on end and cocktail tables will give your outdoor living space a classy touch.

                   Zinc Hurricane

Stay tuned for more updates to my outdoor living space … Are you planning to update too?

Write a comment below and let me know.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake