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Expo Design Center Closures Help The Local Market

February 5, 2009

As the casual furniture retail base shrinks with the upcoming closure of the 34 Expo Design Centers across the United States, this will help the  local casual furniture retailers grow their business.  In the past, the consumer’s perspective was that they were getting a deal by purchasing outdoor furniture and accessories from a big box store. Whether or not they actually took the time to compare apples to apples, they all too often purchased their casual furniture needs from these design centers.

Now is the time to let consumers know that, “you”, local casual furniture retailers are here to stay! That you will continue to provide design services, quality furniture and superior customer service. Invite them to your store to learn more about your business. Use this opportunity to your advantage, market to the consumer that traditionally shopped at the design center and educate them with the detailed knowledge that you possess. The executives at Home Depot realized that they were straying too far from their core business with the addition of the Expo Design Centers. Let them do what they do best in the big “orange box” stores. This will allow you focus on your core business values and do your best for the casual furniture consumer.

Look at the glass half full, don’t let the weak economy get you down, try to see the bright side of each and every situation. Use this time to grow your business.

Don’t wait too long to solicit these consumers. They want a place to shop, people to assist them with their casual furniture needs. Offer them the customer service that we are all so proud to provide. Happy Selling.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake