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Casual Living 2010 Virtual Tours

August 6, 2009

If you missed touring the 2010 International Casual Furniture showrooms in Chicago this past July you are in for a treat. Six companies worked closely with Casual Living Magazine to bring to you a virtual tour of their new 2010 showrooms. Telescope Casual Furniture, Ratana Home & Floral, Treasure Garden, Gensun Casual Living, OW Lee and Agio all participated in this virtual presentation.

I personally loved the presentation by OW Lee, Gensun Casual Living and Agio because all three of these companies not only showcased their New 2010 product additions, fabrics and showrooms, they also utilized video and audio professionals to put together an inviting, interesting, informative, visually & esthetically pleasing production that moves easily between the actual showroom and their professionally photographed product line. The voice over presentation is easy to listen to and masterfully created. Kudos to OW Lee, Gensun Casual Living & Agio for offering a first class performance!!  Click on the links below to view the virtual tours and see what you missed.

If you like these virtual tours please take a moment to leave a comment below for the manufacturer, thank you.

These are my Outside Views…Marcia Blake