How Color Trends Can Help You Pick Colors For Your Showroom?

September 3, 2008

Color Trends for 2009    

The shift of color this fall season is completely characterized as a change based in nature and landscapes in both rural and urban settings. You will see the color palettes moving towards down-to-earth and sustainable values of the current colors. Each day I will present a different color in the 2009 palette to help you choose colors for the fall season.

Today I will focus on the color Orange.

Orange is transitioning to organic yet strong hues, taking its cue from international and earthy locations. Orange is full of high-spirited fun, is dazzling yet chic, dynamic yet fiery and in some cases comes from foreign origins.  

Orange can be paired with neutral colors for a punch, sprinkled with blue for a new coastal look or added to green for a natural effect.

The color orange is helping change the landscape of design trends, with the influence of retro fashion, globalization and contemporary essential shapes.

By just adding the color orange or by creating an entire vignette with the color orange you will be grabing the attention of the people who come into your showroom or store.

Don’t be afraid to use color… these are my outside views. Marcia Blake

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