Going Green in Your Showroom & Outdoor Room

December 16, 2008

Green is on everyone’s mind. We all want to show our concern for the environment, we want to do everything that we can to protect the environment so we think green. What better way to add green to your outdoor room or casual living showroom than with green botanical arrangements. They can come in the natural form as in real live plants or in the silk form.

In either case, botanicals add greenery to an outdoor living space, they add an element of design to a showroom setting. They can be classic traditional floral bouquets, topiaries, orchids, plants and trees or they can be created for an urban setting utilizing succulents and modern containers.

This is the one and only item that will scream outdoors to your customers since plants are green and living. It doesn’t matter whether they are truly alive or not, botanicals imply life, nature, and the environment.

During the winter months botanicals will warm up your showroom and transport your customers to another time and place that they cherish. I recently traveled through the northeast and the only signs of life that you see along the road are human. The trees are baron, the ground is brown, so adding a bit of green or color in the way of flowering plants and botanical arrangements will infuse energy to those who are near.

Just think of how you feel when winter starts changing and spring begins to pop up, a sense of life and renewal flow from the newness of spring. That is what these botanicals will impart during the winter season. Just another idea on how to energize your customers and stimulate warmth and growth around you.

Not only will these botanicals add this special dimension to your showroom, they are also another source of revenue, since you can sell these accessories to your customers to utilize in their outdoor rooms.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake

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