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Bring Natural Elements to Your Tabletop Inside & Out

October 25, 2009

Entertaining Outdoors
As the weather turns crisp and the leaves begin to change color it is an golden moment to plan an outdoor party. Pay tribute to the outdoors by adding small fresh large arrangement, this is an natural way to bring the garden to your table. Utilize small terra cotta pots, plant succulents or rosemary plants and place one in front of each place setting. Make use of tall tapered candles to light up the dining table, eating by candlelight creates a serene and romantic setting.

Natural Elements
Bring natural elements to your tabletop. If you grow rosemary, lavender, mint or other herbs in your garden cut some shoots off the plant, let them dry out a bit, wrap them with a piece of natural raffia and place diagonally across the table in a couple of different places. Or tie a sprig to a colorful cloth napkin and place next to or on top of the place setting.

Dress the Table
To dress up the table surroundings use elegant place mats, crystal stemware and stylish china, perhaps with a reflection of your heritage. To complete the appearance, add some classic flatware.  If you are planning a more relaxed get together, try mixing and matching different shade glasses, ceramic dishes and amusing silverware to create a lighthearted atmosphere. Use multi colored place mats, napkins and chunky pillar candles.

Arrange the Seating

Create your seating layout then use hand-scripted place cards to thoughtfully discern each setting. Add a hostess gift as a special touch alongside each setting.
Set the scene with background music. All of these individual touches and imaginative tips will be influential in the creation of a memorable event that both you and your guests will cherish.

These same straightforward tips can be applied to entertaining with style indoors by honoring the outdoors.

Store Display

If you are a store owner consider setting a party scene on your showroom floor to share ideas with your customers on inspired ways to design a table setting for a special event. Showcasing tabletop settings for parties is a unique way to present those extra long dining tables in your store.

Entertaining Ideas
Use this time of the year as a springboard to entertaining in the coming season. Invite your existing customers to your store for a table top party. Let them learn bright new ideas on entertaining with style and creativity by bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out.

Designer Participation

Consider utilizing local designers to pick a theme and a table and set it for an entertaining affair. Have the designers use products from your store. Not only will this bring the designers to your store and educate them on your products, it will also reunite your customers with you in a pleasurable and comfortable environment.

These are my Outside Views, write and let me know some of your creative ideas? …  Marcia Blake