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Covers for this Season

December 8, 2008

I spent this weekend traveling from California to the east coast and traveled through rural Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. The landscape, home styles and backyards are different than those that you find on the west coast. Land in California is a premium and homes are close together and privately fenced. The neighborhoods in the northeast were spread out and most had open yards, room for kids to run and play together. Each home had decks for patio furniture, BBQ’s and fire pits. The significant difference between the east and the west is the variation in temperature. When I left the west coast the high was in the 60’s and the low in the 40’s, yet 3000 miles away the high was in the 40’s and the low in the 20’s, clearly not a time to be spending out of doors.

I noticed some furniture on decks and patios unoccupied, but not protected from the snow and frigid weather. I know this time of the year everyone is busy decorating for the holidays, taking these decorations out of their protected containers for display once again. And when the season is over, these items will be carefully repacked in bins and containers for storage until another year from now.

This is how people should be preserving their outdoor furniture and accessories during the months that the weather is dishing out its severest form of natural elements. It is important to educate people and offer them the tools to store their furniture for use during another season of the year. From covers to bins to containers of storage, these are additional accessories that should be part of the original purchase.

Here is a suggestion for you to either carry these essential tools or in the very least have a list of places that your customers can purchase these items to protect their investment. Your customers will thank you and realize over time that this is one of the highest forms of customer service that you can provide, a resource for preserving the products that they buy from you to last as long as possible.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake