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Stimulate Your Creative Juices to Create a Visual Display

May 5, 2009

Visual Display by Transformit

Have you ever scrutinized your store and wanted to do something to make it look superior? All retailers need innovative merchandising and display ideas to keep their stores updated and competitive.

Arthur Lauer Wood Classics
Photo by AJ Sandone

Visual merchandising contributes to the sale of products. The most captivating presentation blends the products, the environment and the space into a captivating and inspirational display to promote the sale of the merchandise.

Montgomery by Phil Behrens Designer

Color, lighting, product information, space, and contributions such as merchandise that activates our smell, touch and sound senses, as well as, digital displays are all essential elements in making your store memorable while showcasing your products.

Lilly Goldbard Set Designer
Photo by AJ Sandone

Just as a creative director sets up a photo shoot to appeal to your senses, you can set up a stage in your showroom to enhance the buying experience. Take a look at the work of Creative Director Lilly Goldbard of LillyInk Creative Services, she injects her own unique style into each creative endeavor. Style and layout are important to creative visual design. Here are a few examples of casual furniture photography that excites the emotion. Take some inspiration from these visual photos and try to create a similar setting in your store. It may be as simple as adding tropical plants, sand, tropical music and scents from the sea with small bowls filled with scented sea glass or candles and coconut oil.

Take some inspiration from this setting &
create a tropical paradise in your store
Photo by AJ Sandone

You can create a wonderful shopping experience in your store by creating visual displays that influence and excite your customers. Be creative, look at magazines, books and photography to get your inspiration, then apply it to your store.

For more ideas on visual merchandising write a comment below and ask me a question.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake