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4 Tips on Improving your Showroom

August 21, 2008

Do you want to appeal to the 25 – 45 age crowd? How about 45 – 65 age customer? Knowing who your customer is can be of great importance to you. Do you have both of the previously mentioned segments shopping in your store? If this is the case than you know that creating the perfect showroom will mean that you have to segment the floor space to produce an alluring showplace.

Tip #1:  HIP & SAVVY

To appeal to the 25-45 age bracket you must be hip, cutting edge, and design savvy. Less is more to this group of consumers. Don’t clutter the space with lots of furniture, props, accessories, simply try displaying just the right amount of each. Set up one or two vignettes in your store to reflect this youthful client who is interested in the newest, latest and greatest, who is immersed in technology and willing to step out of the box.


To appeal to a more mature age bracket consider constructing a space in your store that reflects an actual home setting. Not everyone is visual, so it is important to show exactly how a covered patio or outdoor living space can look with dining or deep seating furniture. Don’t be afraid to accessorize by adding throw pillows, drapes, wall décor, appropriate lighting and a floor covering such as an outdoor rug. Set a table with placemats, dishes, glassware and silverware. Don’t forget to add a centerpiece and candles. If you are setting up a display with deep seating add all of the accoutrements that you would expect to find in a warm inviting family room.  Entertain the idea of offering the entire room, accessories included for sale as a complete package. You might find that while some people will only want parts of your display there are people who would like the vignette that you set up to be an exact replica purchased for their own home.


For those customers that are not interested in the whole inclusive package concept, set up an area in your showroom that merely displays a few furniture collections with nothing added.


Partner with a local landscape designer or interior designer to create a special vignette exhibit that you change out a few times during the season to showcase their creative juices while representing your best selling furniture.

If you think that a uniform showroom is the way to go I would truly consider, "who your target audience is?" Most likely you will find that you have a varied segment of the population who have diverse likes and dislikes. For more ideas or specific vignette suggestions send an email to

                                                                                                  M. Grace Designs created a Vibrant Outdoor Party Vignette

Think about the last time you walked through a kitchen showroom display, every kitchen is designed differently as a complete vignette that looks like it could be picked up and placed directly in your own home. This is the idea behind the individual vignettes that are targeted for different audiences. If you know your customer base then you will know just how many diversified settings you should have in your store to present the right combination of design options for your customers.

These are my outside views… write a comment and  
tell me what your showroom looks like? Marcia Blake