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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

April 20, 2010

Staying home has become increasingly more popular. Most Building and remodeling surveys are reporting that everyone is on board with the concept of the Outdoor Room. When drapes, rugs, throws, pillows and luxury furniture all join together, a beautiful room is created.  As April moves into May the weather will continue to warm up and encourage us to spend time outdoors.  Who wouldn’t want to spend time in any of these outdoor rooms?

Right now I am remodeling my outdoor room, I received confirmation today that my new latilla’s (A peeled limb or stick used a s a ceiling material, between beams or vigas) shipped today and are on their way to my home.  We have an open pavilion in our backyard and as part of our remodel we are enclosing the roof to make it more of an outdoor room.  The debate between my husband and I is whether to put permanent outdoor heaters or an outdoor television set outside.

We currently have a firepit and a beautiful deep seated sofa, love seat and club chairs. Of course we have a decorative outdoor rug, Outdoor Couture drapes and a lot of colorful Outdoor Couture throw pillows. Once you put all of these items together the room begins to transform. Since we have the firepit, I am a proponent of the outdoor Television. My husband is more interested in a new built-in BBQ. In reality we would love an outdoor wood burning brick oven. We just don’t have that big of a space, so it may have to wait for our next home.

Think about what changes you can make to your current outdoor living space. How can you enhance what already exists, or how can you create a luxury sanctuary to spend time in during the spring and summer months? Sometimes the answers to these questions are simple and other times complex. Depending on your budget you can make significant changes to your yard, patio, garden, or deck. But no matter how much or how little you have to spend you CAN transform your outdoor living space into a tropical paradise, a romantic sanctuary, or a fun loving family space.

Staycations have been introduced to us and we are all at one time or another choosing to stay at home to vacation, rather than go away. So take some of that money that you saved and transform your yard into an outdoor haven.

For ideas on how to get started, visit your local experts the casual furniture retailers in your neighborhood, or write a question below and I will be happy to help with suggestions.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake