Cool Off with Patio Umbrella Misters

August 29, 2009

                                     Cool Mist Umbrella

Summer is most definitely here, the temperatures are rising! Yesterday, I spent the day in Phoenix, Arizona, it was 113 degrees. Of course they say that it is a dry heat, but don’t be misled, it is still brutally HOT! At home in Southern California it was 108 degrees. Even on the coast the prediction of temperatures in the 90’s is quite hot.

If you have ever tried to spend time outdoors when it is 113 degrees in Arizona you will know that it is near impossible. The only relief to be found is under shade cover with misters. It is fairly common for most outdoor walkways, malls, and restaurants in Arizona to have a misting system built in and spraying out cool and refreshing mist the evaporates before it hits the ground, yet cools off the area under cover. I was surprised to see a traditional market umbrella being advertised in Scottsdale with a misting system already included. What a fabulous idea. Plus more reasonably priced than having to install a complete misting system on your outdoor patio.


A company called EZ Misters sells kits for market style outdoor umbrellas that you can attach to your umbrella, in a similar fashion as the twinkling light kits for market umbrellas. This is a terrific add on product for your store, as well as, a great solution for the increasingly hot weather.

Ewins is another company that sells an outdoor misting umbrella.

This is an item that is unique and functional sure to cool you off in the summer heat.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake