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If You Want People to Walk Through Your Door, Invite Them To Your Store

January 30, 2009

Are you finding that less and less people are entering your store? The best way to change this pattern is to invite them in. A local retailer in Southern California has been inviting the general public into their store every week to enjoy a seminar series on all things green. A few examples of upcoming seminars are:

 "Gardening Naturally" #2 Edibles in the Landscape

Our new, much anticipated series for novice to experienced gardeners who want to learn how to garden with nature, not against it. Gardeners throughout southern California are taking a fresh look at what a landscape ought to be and what many of us now want is a garden that is friendly to the environment, does not pollute the water supply, follows organic principles and echoes our climate and lifestyle.

Gardening is changing. We are more aware today of what goes into our gardens (the plants, water, fertilizers, pest controls, etc.) and what leaves our gardens (water runoff, green waste, pollutants, etc.).

Learn tips for incorporating edibles into the landscape. Throw out any preconceptions of edible gardening. Envision grape vines on fencing, hanging baskets of strawberries and bold structural vegetable mix
Entrances that WOW!

Create entryways that WOW every visitor by using plants and garden ornaments in creative and innovative ways. We will discuss numerous products such as water fountains, containers, mirrors, recycled glass and plants to stage an entryway that makes the front door a statement piece, and sets the tone for the rest of the garden. We will also demonstrate and discuss strategies to vary entryway compositions for seasonal interest and special occasion themes and much more!

This is another opportunity to reach out to local designers, landscape architects, builders, gardeners, etc., to partner together and educate the public, while they learn more about your store, your products and your customer service. These seminars should be free to the public so that you can attract people especially in today’s economy. The first step is getting them in your door, when you offer then something special they will remember when it is time for them to buy their casual furniture and accessories.

These local seminars have experienced great success over the years, so try one and see how giving a little is returned to you in the future in the customer loyalty that it generates.

These are my outside views… Marcia Blake