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How To Secure Customer Loyalty Part 2

October 22, 2008

Our discussion regarding these challenging economic times and how very important it is to drive customer traffic to your store by developing one to one relationships with customers, as well as, adding value to build clout with your customers, we have begun exploring the topic of blogging. To continue we now move on to the low cost and high return these blogs produce.

  •   Low Cost, High Return

Blogs are inexpensive to set up, operate and maintain yet give you the opportunity to tell your story over and over. This creates better communication enabling you to grow your business with competitive differentiation. You know a great deal about your business, share it with your customers. This will help set you apart from the competition and show your expertise within the casual furniture industry niche.

  •   Raise the Company Profile

Blogs serve as another channel on which to promote your brand and company. Consistency along with quality will be your best public relations tool.

  • Build Your Network

Start by building your network of customers email addresses; ask permission to include them on an email journal that will provide useful how to tips, decorating ideas, design trends, color directions, entertaining suggestions, maintenance instructions, new products, special offers, seasonal products, sales, coupons, pictures, outdoor living solutions, and much more industry consumer friendly advice.

  • Ask Customers For Suggestions

Ask your customers what they would like to see in the blog and encourage their participation via comments and questions for you the expert. This is a way to connect with your customer on a personal level educate them and stay connected.

  • Take the Plunge

Take the plunge by implementing a more contemporary marketing strategy.
Use blogging as a marketing tool.  If you were doing a direct mail campaign, you would not expect to make money from the mail. You expect to make money from the sales that it would generate.

  • Free Blog

You can start your own blog even if you don’t have your own website by going to where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people and it is free.

  • Challenge Assumptions

All creative solutions begin by challenging your assumptions. The world is changing, we have changed and evolved to meet new challenges, now its time to try something new.
What do you think of it?

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